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جلسات الليزر

Laser sessions offer


Do not miss the end-of-year offers

Book the laser sessions now for only 1,200 riyals


فحص قوة العظام

A bone density test

A bone density test is performed to identify various diseases related to arthritis and osteoporosis as well as osteoporosis

عرض الولادة الطبيعية

Vaginal delivery offer


An integrated program for your care and lab tests and your baby

It also includes a one-day hospital stay

عرض فحص هشاشة العظام

Osteoporosis screening


Osteoporosis screening offer


Vitamin D lab test

DEXA scan


Book your appointment now on 920007997


الفحوصات الدورية لأمراض البروستاتا

Periodic screening for prostate diseases


Periodic screening for prostate diseases are tests performed to detect the presence of prostate cancer

filler injection

Filler injection


Now in plastic surgery clinic

Filler injection only for 1150SR


Cheek contour