Medical specialties

Here you will find outpatient departments which sections covering all common and accurate disciplines where the provision of diagnostic and therapeutic methods in the different disciplines of medicine

Provides 24-hour integrated cardiology, cardiology and chest surgery services including cardiology, ultrasound, cardiac scanning, cardiac catheterization, cardiac catheterization, stenting and other services.

The Department of Internal Medicine consists of several outpatient clinics that assist in the treatment of patients in the specialties of endocrinology, chest diseases, the elderly and old age, kidney unit, gastrointestinal binoculars

The Neurosurgery Unit offers many treatment services to patients

Treatments include:

  • Strokes include (brain clots and brain hemorrhages).
  • Cases of epilepsy and convulsions of all kinds.
  • Migraines and headaches of all kinds.
  • Musculoskeletal

Oncology services include oncology, oncology, oncology, radiotherapy and radiotherapy. The department also provides telepathic therapy, early detection services for breast tumors, cervical cancer, colon, lung and bladder tumors.

The department offers many therapeutic and cosmetic services, as well as the latest therapeutic and cosmetic lasers. The section includes laser treatment units, a limited wave UV treatment unit, skin care and beauty services such as crystal sanding,

In the Department of Pediatrics we receive many cases, the most important of which are:
• Chest sensitivity to children
• Cases of diabetes and epilepsy in children
• The discovery of congenital heart defects
• Treatment of delayed growth and

Cosmetic surgery for the face and eyelids, cosmetic nose, botox injection and removal of tics. There is also a department for complementary operations and removal of deformities such as treatment of burns and complications and various hand surgery

The department offers many services such as: urethral stones, kidneys, bladder, urine measurement unit, male clinic, infertility, erectile dysfunction, urinary incontinence and urology.