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The most common skin diseases  in the summer

The most common skin diseases in the summer

The summer season is the most common season of spreading of  skin problems especially in the skin of the face or body due to high temperature and extreme humidity. They are associated with exposure to incandescent sun, high temperature, sweating and also due to dry skin. Is the face and hands, because of their exposure to direct sunlight throughout the day, unlike the rest of the body, which is exposed to inflammation and redness due to heat and friction, so we show you in this article the most important skin problems that may affect  you in the summer,

The most common skin diseases:

  • Pigmentation and skin burns:

It is caused by long exposure to the sun, so doctors recommend the use of sun blocks to protect the skin from the dye and not directly to the sun.

  • Tinea versi color

Tinea versi color  is a fungal infection caused by excessive sweating in the summer due to high temperatures and turning it into small patches ranging from pink to light brown.

  • Bacterial Infection:

Bacterial infections are caused by overcrowding in densely populated areas, increasing the likelihood of infection among humans, especially with sensitive skin.

  • Inflammation of skin folds

The most common disease to all during the summer, and occurs as a result of friction skin layers in these areas because of increased sweating during high temperatures and with less effort, with insufficient ventilation of the body, or not drying the body well after bathing,

  • The Nile rash

The Nile is one of the most common diseases affecting all age groups of children and adults, and usually appears in many areas such as the neck, chest, back, and arms, and doctors usually indicate that the development of this condition is usually accompanied by a sense of burning and desire to decompose, In these areas and it is possible to reach complications of blood out due to severe friction.

  • Acne

The increase in the spread of acne to increase the secretion of sebaceous glands on the skin, especially for oily skin, where the open pores, which lead to the adhesion of dust on the skin and the formation of grain due to skin infections with high temperature, and increase the appearance of hands to the skin from place to place.

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