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Breast feeding; benefits and precautions

Breast feeding; benefits and precautions

Doctors advise exclusive breast feeding in the first six months of baby's life; this includes many benefits to the lactating mother and her baby, as follow:

  • Breast milk contains natural chemical substances that protect the baby against many diseases by promoting the functional capacity of the immune system.
  • Breast milk contains a lot of integrated nutrients which fulfill the baby's body need for growth and development.
  • Breast feeding promotes the emotional relationship between the mother and her baby.
  • For lactating mothers; breast feeding decreases the incidence of postpartum hemorrhage, postpartum depression, menstrual irregularities and breast cancer.

Some mothers may complain diminishment of milk production, this usually due to mother's malnutrition. So, lactating mothers should eat well-balanced healthy diet; especially fluids and calcium-rich foods such as dairy products. Also herbal supplementation drugs may be helpful in increasing milk production.

Finally, it's advised to care about breast nipple's hygiene to protect the baby from infections and gastroenteritis.

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