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7 Steps to disinfect your cell phone from coronavirus

7 Steps to disinfect your cell phone from coronavirus

Since recent outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19), one of the most important preventive measures is cleaning commonly touched surfaces such as our cell phone touch screen.

Some may assume regular hand washing will be enough, but this will make us wonder if we wash our hands before each time we use our cell phones?

Even if we wash our hands regularly before using our cell phones, our cell phones still not 100% disinfected as coronavirus is an air-borne virus, and can settle on the touch screen of our cell phones very easily.

So what should we do?

  1. First, turn off your phone then unplug all cables, attachments and power sources from your cell phone.
  2. To ensure full disinfection to your cell phone, you should remove any protective cover and disinfecting it separately.
  3. Clean by using soft wipe containing 70% alcohol.
  4. Don't forget small areas such as the space around the camera lens.
  5. Don't forget to disinfect the cell phone accessories such as earbuds and chargers by the same way (soft wipe containing 70% alcohol).
  6. Never use chlorine bleach or spray as it may cause a damage to your cell phone.
  7. It's important to avoid fluids or excess moisture during cleaning your cell phone to avoid damage of the interior micro-electronics.

Disinfecting cell phones is recommended twice daily at least, but if you are near someone with cough or sneezing, it will be good idea to increase this ratio to be 4-6 times daily for example.

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