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6 Tips to prevent diabetes

6 Tips to prevent diabetes

Diabetes is one of the most common diseases worldwide. Although there are causative factors for diabetes we can't control or change(such as genetic factors), there are some tips and precautions can be applied to reduce the risk of diabetes. Through this topic we will highlight the most significant tips that will be helpful in avoiding diabetes as possible.

  1. Reduce sugar intake: overconsumption of sugar results in increased blood glucose level, which in turn leads to overproduction of insulin by the pancreas. Persistent functional overload of the pancreas results in damage of the insulin-secreting pancreatic beta cells and leads to diabetes.
  2. Regular exercise: medical studies showed that physical activity increases the insulin sensitivity of the body cells, which helps in maintaining blood glucose within normal values. Also, exercise helps in avoiding obesity which is one of the most significant risk factors of diabetes.
  3. Drinking plenty of water: this is because water promotes controlling blood glucose level and improves insulin resistance.
  4. Avoid obesity and keep your body weight within normal ratios: it's known that obesity increases the incidence of diabetes. So, if you are obese or even overweight, it's advised to lose some weight by sticking with well-balanced healthy diet as well as doing some exercise regularly.
  5. Vitamin D supplementation: this is because vitamin D is very effective in controlling blood glucose level.
  6. Quit smoking.


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