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5 Types for cough in children

5 Types for cough in children

Cough is a defensive mechanism that protects airways from foreign bodies, sometimes cough could develop due to pathological causes such as infection or accumulation of mucous secretions. Anyway cough is a clinical signs that could be indicator for serious health problems especially in children. So detecting the type of cough is an important diagnostic step in the management plan. So through this topic, we will highlight the most important types of cough in children.

  1. Barking cough (croup): it's viral infection that causes inflammation of larynx and vocal cords. This type of cough occurs mainly in night and associated with other symptoms such as; fever, salivation, and sometimes breathing difficulties. It's advised to seek medical consultation as this type of cough usually needs super medical care.
  2. Whooping cough: it's frequent cough that ends by vomiting or deep inhalation that resembles a rooster. Whooping cough usually develops as a complication of neglected or deteriorated acute bronchitis.
  3. Nocturnal cough: it's the most common type of cough in children and occurs late at night. It develops due to nasal congestion and backwards moving of the nasal discharge towards pharynx during sleep, which stimulates trachea to cough for expulsion of the accumulated secretions in the airways.
  4. Sudden cough: it's usually due to entry of foreign body into the airways; this foreign body could be small particles of food or drink or any other object picked from the floor.
  5. Cough associated with fever: it's very common and usually develops due to pneumonia of bacterial origin. Management usually includes antibiotics and cough suppressants.


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