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5 Tips for asthmatic patients in winter

5 Tips for asthmatic patients in winter

It's known that it's harder to control asthma during winter; this is because cold weather and dry air of winter tend to irritate the airways leading to spasm of the muscular lining of airways, which in turn exacerbates asthma.

On the same context, winter seems to be the season of cold and influenza viruses, which lead to multiple respiratory infections and may also exacerbate symptoms of asthma episodes.

To minimize the negative influence of winter on asthmatic patients, the following tips are strongly recommended:

  1. Get annual flu vaccine: it's the most effective method to protect against influenza and common cold. It's advised to get the vaccine before the end of October.
  2. Avoid vigorous physical activity: this is because physical overload may lead to temporary shortness of breathing, which may stimulate asthma episodes.
  3. Use air humidifiers: these tools will help in comfortable breathing, but you should clean the filters regularly.
  4. Keep your hands always clean and sterile: this is achieved by frequent washing your hands by tap water and soap.
  5. Avoid touching your face with your hands: as this behavior is one of the main methods of catching influenza and common cold.


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