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bloating and stomach pain

4 Unnoticed causes for bloating and stomach pain

Abdominal bloating and stomach pain are very common after eating a big meal, especially if rich in carbohydrates. You may suffer bloating and abdominal discomfort even you didn't staff your stomach with food. There are certain types of food that may cause bloating regardless of how much you eat.

  1. Excessive salt: foods rich in salt are high in sodium which causes water retention and makes you feel bloating. To avoid bloating you should avoid processed food, canned food and limit your consumption of foods rich in salt or sodium.
  2. Excessive fat: foods rich in fat stay for a long time in stomach and lead to bloating. So fried greasy meals should be replaced by baked or poached foods.
  3. Soda and carbonated beverages: these drinks lead to ingestion of large amounts of air, and then this air passes to the stomach and cause bloating and stomach pain. Moderate consumption of these beverages is advised to avoid bloating.
  4. Dairy products: some people may have lactose intolerance, which means inability of the GIT to digest high-lactose foods such as milk and ice cream completely. This leads to formation of abdominal gases, bloating and stomach pain.
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