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4 Tips to promote your body metabolism for weight loss

4 Tips to promote your body metabolism for weight loss

Some people eat and drink as they want, but they are always slim. On the other side, some people precisely count their calories intake, but they gain weight. So, what is the explanation of this phenomenon?

Well, this is due to what we call "body metabolic rate" or basal metabolic rate (BMR). Metabolism is a chemical process in which the food we eat is transformed into energy used by our bodies.

There are many complicated factors which determine our body metabolic rate, such as; hormonal condition, our body behavior, external environmental factors… etc. so we can say that metabolism is very personal, and differs from a person to another person.

Some researches assume that some foods may increase metabolism (such as spicy foods). In fact, there is no strong scientific evidence supporting this hypothesis. Generally, to increase basal metabolic rate, it's advised to do the following:

  1. Your meals should be in regular times; this is because eating at random times negatively interferes with body metabolism.
  2. Regular exercise (especially aerobics, running and resistance training).
  3. Avoiding stress; as stress hormones decrease the basal metabolic rate.
  4. Sleeping well (7-9 hours at night); this is because lack of sleep will increase level of cortisol hormone, which may be responsible for slowing down of metabolism.


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