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4 Pathological causes for frequent urination

4 Pathological causes for frequent urination

  1. Diabetes mellitus: it's the most common cause of frequent urination. Increased blood glucose level induces the kidney to increase its functional capacity to expel excess sugar outside the body through urine, which leads to glucosuria (excess glucose in urine) and frequent urination. Also diabetes insipidus could be a pathological reason for frequent urination.
  2. Urinary tract infection (UTI): it develops due to accumulation of urine in urinary bladder or urethra; also increased levels of salts (such as oxalate or uric acid) as well as pus cells could be responsible for urinary tract infection. The patient usually suffers from frequent urination which is usually accompanied with burning sensation during urination. Urine culture and sensitivity test is very important step for proper diagnosis and management of the case.
  3. Bladder cancer: frequent urination with sudden urge and hematuria could be a warning sign for bladder cancer.
  4. Benign prostatic hyperplasia: hypertrophied prostate is very common in old men. When the prostate (which lies near the urethra) get enlarged, it makes a pressure on the surrounding nerves, leading to feeling of constant and frequent desire to urinate.


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