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3 Possible causes of chronic unhealed wound

3 Possible causes of chronic unhealed wound

Having a wound persists for a long time may lead to serious complications, so finding the cause of chronic unhealed wound is the first step in the proper management of this type of wounds.

diabetes mellitus is the most common cause of chronic unhealed wound, there are many factors that contribute to this case, they include:


  • Peripheral neuropathy: lack of sensation in the extremities (especially feet) makes it more liable to trauma and unnoticed wounds.
  • Blood insufficiency: lack of blood flow predispose to poor wound healing.
  • Wound infection: both lack of sensation and blood flow makes the wound more liable to infection and other complications. 

Management of unhealed diabetic wounds includes maintaining of blood glucose level within normal limits and wearing protective shoes.

2.Venous leg ulcers:
the clinical picture of this case usually begins as leg swelling with leakage of fluid from a certain point of the wound, after that the leg becomes painful and itchy. Management of this case needs vascular and surgical intervention.

some types of cancer may be presented at first with chronic unhealed wounds or ulcers; this is due to disturbance in the functional mechanism of the immune system.

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