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8 Therapeutic uses for honey
  1. Abdominal bloating: put 1 teaspoon of fennel seeds in a cup of boiling water, leave the mixture for 10 minutes and then sweeten it with 1 tablespoon
6 Foods reduce appetite

Obesity develops due to unhealthy life style which includes overeating especially fatty foods and lack of exercise. Obesity could be responsible for

4 Risk factors for osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a widespread disease develops due to gradual decrease in bone mass and density, leaving the bones fragile and easy to break. The most

5 Causes for teeth erosion

 Teeth erosion means disappearance of the outer enamel layer which leads to dental hypersensitivity and increased the incidence of tooth decay.


7 Health benefits for anise
  1. Anise is one of the most popular herbal plants in the Arabic region; it's used as a spice to give a good flavor to the food. Also it contains
5 Types for cough in children

Cough is a defensive mechanism that protects airways from foreign bodies, sometimes cough could develop due to pathological causes such as infection