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Advanced Respiratory Care Course 2019

Advanced Respiratory Care Course 2020

Learning Objectives:

The course aims to introduce participants to:

  1. Assess the patency of the airways and how to maintain airways during mechanical ventilation.
  2. Obtain, process, and analyze arterial and capillary blood gas samples.
  3. List the steps used to interpret thoracic imaging studies.
  4. Describe the common radiographic abnormalities seen in the pleura, lung parenchyma, and mediastinum.
  5. Review the electrocardiogram equipment set-up
  6. Recognize various abnormal elecrtrocardiographic recordings and major treatment alternatives.
  7. List indications, contraindications, and complications of positive pressure ventilation.
  8. Choose appropriate initial ventilator sittings and make adjustments based on patient monitoring and response.
  9. List indications, contraindications, and complications of Non-invasive ventilation.
  10. Describe techniques used in ventilator weaning and the proper method of extubation.
  11. Describe the correct approach to assessment of the fetus, newborn, and pediatric patients.
  12. Discuss the use of continuous positive airway pressure and the basics of mechanical ventilation including high-frequency ventilation in the care of infants and children.

Target participants :

  • Critical Care Nurses
  • Respiratory Therapists
  • Respiratory Therapy students
  • Nursing students

Registration Fee : 

  • 400.00 SAR

13 CME

Individual price
400 SR
BETA 4 , Building , SGH , Jedda, KSA
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