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«مجموعة مُستشفيات السعودي الألماني» تقدم خدمة "في بيتك" لعلاج المرضى في المنزل

"Saudi German hospitals group" provides a new service "at home" to treat patients at their homes

"The Saudi German Hospitals Group" revealed the start of implementing a series of developed initiatives to ensure that patients and members of society continue to have access to the best healthcare services at the global level, in light of the challenges and processes related to the " corona virus".


 Makarim Batterjee, President of Saudi German Hospitals Group said "We renew our absolute commitment to continuing to provide the highest levels of health care services, placing the health and safety of our patients, our visitors and our employees at the top of our priorities. We are moving forward with the application of best medical practices and preventive measures that would limit the spread of "Covid-19" known as the  corona virus", and ensure the preservation of public health and community safety. "In line with our current trends, we have launched a package of quality services and new facilities that It would enable patients to safely and easily access an integrated and satisfactory experience within the health care sector, in light of the challenges emerging today. The new initiatives package includes services “in your home” that enable patients to apply for visits to doctors and medical staff of «the hospital Saudi German »to their homes, and to facilitate the process of ordering medicines and delivering them to the homes. The group also developed special procedures for patients with chronic diseases, to ensure their safety and health are provided by providing medical advice through visual communication. As part of the previous efforts to prevent the spread of the Corona virus, the group provided Social services and psychological support through social services specialists in the «Saudi German Hospital», to provide the necessary support regarding questions about the Corona virus.”