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مجموعة مستشفيات السعودي الألماني تطبق إجراءات استثنائية للسلامة والوقاية والتعقيم في كافة أقسام المستشفيات في ظل مواجهة جائحة فيروس كورونا المستجد وحرصاً على سلامة المنشأت الصحية وسلامة الكوادر الطبية والمرضى والمراجعين حرصت مجموعة مستشفيات السعودي الألماني، أكبر مجموعة مستشفيات في المنطقة، على إتخاذ حزمة من الإجراءات الخاصة والتدابير الاستثنائية التي تهتم بجانب أمن وسلامة المنشات الصحية من خلال تعزيز عمليات التعقيم والفحص الحراري عند زيارة أي من منشآتها بالإضافة إلى حثّ الزوار والمراجعين على الالتزام بالإج

The Saudi German Hospitals Group applies exceptional safety, prevention and sterilization procedures in all hospital departments

In light of facing the emerging pandemic of the Corona Virus  and in the interest of the safety of health facilities and the safety of medical personnel, patients and auditors, the Saudi German Hospitals Group, the largest hospital group in the region, was keen to take a package of special procedures and exceptional measures that are concerned with the security and safety of health facilities by promoting sterilization and temperature examination during visit when visiting any of its facilities, in addition to urging visitors to abide by the procedures and adhere to them.

The medical departments of all Saudi German hospitals deployed in the regions of the Kingdom and abroad have applied strict instructions in the form of a permanent protocol to work with special and exceptional measures for safety, infection prevention and sterilization of all surgical departments.

“The group has taken a package of measures to maintain the provision of the necessary medical and health care services to patients and hospital visitors by taking strict measures, conducting a temperature examination, sterilizing hands and indicating the distance between individuals,” said Makarim Batterjee, head of the Saudi German Hospitals Group.

Batterjee added: "Our hospitals operate through outpatient clinics, and the patient can take a permit to visit the hospital and perform the required service, as the emergency department works around the clock."

It is also worth noting that the group was one of the first hospitals to activate medical services through home visits or through video calling consultations. Through “On Your Home” service, where the group provided various services to provide health care in homes. As soon as you call, you can request a specialist to visit at home.

Saudi German Hospitals Group is a pioneer on home health care providers in the interest of the health and safety of the elderly and chronic patients who need special care and isolation from contact due to their weak immunity. Doctors can also provide the necessary medicines, and home care through this service for various specialties such as pregnancy, physiotherapy and giving scheduled vaccinations.

Patients can also communicate with their treating doctor with ease from their homes through video calling consultations, through the smart application of Saudi German Hospitals or by calling the unified number

Our  goal is always  to keep you safe, and we always work for your safety.

Book your appointment by calling the unified number 920007997.