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المستشفى السعودي الالماني ينقذ مريض من الشلل

The Saudi German Hospital saves a patient from paralysis

The patient / Charles Hazy (French patient) presented with complete paralysis on the right side of the body as a result of a severe stroke , but it came after only one hour and after the necessary examinations and radiology then the patient transferred to the stroke care unit immediately to receive treatment under the supervision of a group of neurologists. after a few hours of injecting TPA the patient became fully muscular as if he had returned to life again, the thing that led this patient to say about the stroke care unit (I love this place) It is seldom that a patient loves a place where he has taste The disease, but it also tasted the taste of healing.

The stroke care unit in Riyadh is one of the leading departments in the treatment of severe blood clots and bleeding

Given its enormous potential in managing and treating such cases as it contains the  (TPA) for strokes, in addition to the possibility of removing cerebral strokes through hospital intervention catheters and treatment of all cases of spontaneous cerebral hemorrhage.

The Saudi German Hospitals Group always strives to improve the patient experience in its hospitals and achieve its slogan We, with God's help, take care of you and provide the best leading health services