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مجموعة مستشفيات السعودي الألماني تشارك" في مبادرة ابطال الصحة " التطوعية لمواجهة  فايروس  كورونا

The Saudi German Hospitals Group participates in the voluntary "  Health heroes" initiative to confront the Corona virus

Makarem Sobhi Batterjee, head of the Saudi German Hospitals Group, said that the group believes in its duty towards the dear homeland

And the need for concerted efforts to join forces, we put all our capabilities and expertise at the disposal of the Ministry of Health throughout 24 hours in support of its efforts and participation in its role by taking all the measures that it undertakes on the educational and health level through a group of hospitals spread throughout the Kingdom and we are proud of our doctors who strive themselves to serve the people of the country and its residents And take all measures to contain the virus and reduce its spread

Makarem added that the group participates in the "Health Heroes" campaign in cooperation with the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development "sehhat Watan", which publishes health awareness for citizens and residents, which includes more than one hundred sites to distribute 2500 sterilizers, gags and publications to prevent the spread of the virus


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