تشجير منتزه ثادق الوطني
Under the patronage of His Excellency the Minister of Environment, Water and Agriculture, the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture launched the afforestation season throughout the Kingdom, starting from Thaddeq ...


توقيع مع نادي الرياض عقدًا رسميًا
The Executive Director of the Saudi German Hospital Riyadh Saif Ibrahim has a one-year sponsorship contract with the Riyadh Club. A special inauguration ceremony was held for the presence of the club's president, Mr. Bandar Al-Mukail and members of the board of directors. Also it was announced that Saudi German slogan would be printed on the T-shirts of the players of the team on their first match against Elathad in the cup championship

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مسح عنق الرحم
The number of cervical smears required is determined by several different factors, including age and ...

Visiting doctors

  Saudi German Hospital Riyadh announces the visit of Dr. Walid Al Shafi specialized in: Replacement of knee and hip joints Knee and shoulder