مشاركة مستشفى السعودي الالماني بالمدينة المنوره في فعالية درب السنه "

The participation of the Saudi-German Hospital in Madinah in the Darb Al-Sunnah

The Saudi-German Hospital in Madina participated with the Saudi Culture and Arts Association in the "Darb al-Sunnah" marathon, one of the programs of the values ​​and ethics initiative "Khair Oma" (best nation). It was attended by more than 1000 participants and a number of volunteer teams.

And the goal of the marathon, which started from the Prophet's Mosque to the Mosque of Quba to revive the year of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him walking every Saturday to the mosque of Quba and visit and pray in it, in addition to enhancing the value of respect for the road and the definition of ethics in line with the objectives of the initiative, "Khair Oma" (best nation)

The marathon witnessed a wide participation from different segments of society and from all ages, women, men and even children

 "The hospital provided medical services in the framework of its concern to serve the people off the event.