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The 16th Annual Conference of Vascular Surgery in Saudi Arabia - Jeddah

The conference was attended by a number of doctors and foreign experts from Europe, specifically from Germany, England, France, Ireland and Poland, in addition to some experiences from the Middle East from the UAE, Jordan, Egypt, and Algeria. In addition to a distinguished group of doctors from within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Dr. Mahmoud Salah has been a consultant and head of surgery

Blood vessels and the President of the Conference The conference this year has discussed many important topics and diseases common within the Kingdom, as well as the technological progress that occurs around the world in the field of vascular surgery. The most important topics and diseases discussed at the conference are the treatment of peripheral atherosclerosis through the interventional catheterization and stent Arteriosclerosis and treatment of diabetic foot disease as complications of foot diabetes is a very common disease in Saudi Arabia and also treatment of varicose veins by thermal frequency, laser and foam injections. Also the treatment of the expansion of the peripheral arteries and surgical conductors and treatment of the expansion of the aorta of the chest and abdomen and treatment of carotid atherosclerosis through surgery and through the catheter interventional and finally was also discussed the clots of veins in the legs and treatment through the solvent of the stroke and also the catheter Interventional and the installation of intravenous stents and Dr. Mahmoud Salah confirms that the Saudi hospital The German is always keen on continuing medical education for doctors to raise the level of efficiency and also keen to promote medical awareness among patients and not to delay in the diagnosis of vascular diseases.

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