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When should a heart patient eat in Ramadan

Fasting with no food or water from dawn to dusk can impose taxes on patients with heart disease. Long refraining from water or food may result in complications of heart disease, so if you are a heart patient, you should stop fasting if You suffer from the following:
First: high blood pressure
Patients with high blood pressure, who often use multiple drugs, are advised to check before the start of the holy month. Make sure that their blood pressure (BP) is reasonably controlled, but if you do not, you should not fast Because you will need to take a combination pill to reduce this height, so patients with uncontrolled hypertension should refrain from continuing fasting
Second: Chronic heart failure
Chronic heart failure is a weakness in the heart muscle, which stops the heart from functioning properly and naturally, as it builds up the accumulation of fluids in the body, which gives the patient a sense of fatigue and constant dizziness or cough, if you suffer from chronic heart failure stopped Fasting for medical reasons.
Third: Angina pectoris
When you feel a chest pain when you are feeling tired or a wasted physical effort, resulting from fatty deposits on the arteries, which causes a decrease in blood flow, resulting in angina, which is the main indicator of a heart attack, In fasting.
- Tips for heart patients allowed to fast in Ramadan
1 - not to take medicines for pressure after Iftar directly, but it is two hours of Iftar
2 - salt should be reduced in food heart disease, preferably dispensed with it completely.
3 - The division of Iftar, or eat more than a meal between Iftar and Suhur.
4 - not to eat tea, coffee and other stimulants
5 - Commitment to a healthy eating system containing vegetables, fruits and calcium
6- Avoid foods containing high fat content
7 - to drink a lot of large amounts of liquids between the breakfast and Suhur
8. It is not advisable to exercise or exert great physical effort during fasting
9 - You should stop fasting if you feel chest pain or nausea

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