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What happens inside the body when fasting

Fasting has many benefits on the physical and physical level, and it starts immediately after the gastrointestinal tract has finished absorbing nutrients from the food, but if it is not properly reflected negatively on you, and begins to feel numbness, weakness and headaches, know what happens in your body scientifically during fasting, and how to achieve Make the most of fasting in the holy month.
Know what happens to your body during fasting:
Phase I (1st to 2nd day)
At this stage, nutritionists call the "detoxification period." The fasting person observes a low blood sugar level, rapid heartbeat, low blood pressure, and glycogen withdrawal from the muscles causing some fatigue. At this point the body begins to expel the toxins and produce some Side effects such as headaches, dizziness, bad breath, and feeling hungry, and this is the most period in the fasting days of Ramadan, but the most important for the body.
Phase II (3rd to 7th) ...
In this period the complex fat turns into fatty acids distributed and breaks the glycerol in the muscle to become molecules of glucose, and most benefit from this period fatty skin, which is purged from the corrupt oils expelled by the body, and decrease the incidence of blisters, or skin infections, It starts to adapt to fasting and the digestive system gets a rest that is most needed, activates the white blood cells and increases the immunity, and you may feel pain in the lungs, this is the result of the process of natural cleansing that takes place in the human body, The body is like a colon, and very Intestines
The third phase (after the first week of Ramadan) ...
The body is adaptable to the fasting schedule and the digestive system is able to rest. The digestive system concentrates its energy on cleansing the body and healing. When the white blood cells in the body begin to become more active, the organs begin their repair process.

The fourth stage:
By the fourth stage of this period, energy levels increase, your mind becomes better able to focus, the body adapts completely to the process of fasting, and increases its energy. The general feeling of wellness controls you during fasting. The healing process in the body becomes more effective. During this phase.
During the last 10 days of Ramadan ...
The body used to fast, will become more vibrant, there will also improve memory and concentration, organs end of the healing process. Once all detoxification is removed, the body is able to function at full capacity.
On this basis, doctors are advised to ensure a balanced diet, and to take fluids between meals; to keep the body moist and eat foods rich in carbohydrates and sugars in a moderate amount without excessive Iftar, such as dates, and eating fiber and protein on the suhur.

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