Launch of Batterjee Health Care City Project in Makkah

Bait Al Batterjee Medical Company (BAB) announced the launch of its new project, Batterjee Healthcare city in Makkah, Saudi Arabia.

In the presence of Dr. Osama Al Bar the Mayor of Makkah, Engr. Sobhi Al Batterjee Group President, Dr. Makarim Al Batterjee Group Vice President and Engr. Sultan Al Batterjee. Engr. Sobhi Al Batterjee, said that this project is strategically located on 58,000 sq. meters land with a total project investment of One and Half Billion Saudi Riyals. The phase one consists of a Medical College with a capacity of 2000 students, offering bachelor Degree for boys and girls in Medicine and other disciplines of Clinical Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Respiratory Therapy, Health management and administration, and Nursing. There will also be Staff accommodation to serve the needs of the various facilities within the healthcare city. Batterjee Medical City will have a world class Hospital of 400 Beds capacity, the chance of execution modalities in compliance with the government requirements will be offered to Middle East healthcare Company (MEAHCO) to build, own and operate a specialized hospital under (Saudi German Hospital) trade mark. The project will also include the establishment of a non-profit hospital with a capacity of 80 to 100 beds to support the medical college.
Engr. Batterjee appreciated the clear vision, strategic roadmap and support by the prince of Makkah province Khalid Al Faisal; it is the vision which the idea of the project grew out where the Group-building projects providing medical and educational services contribute to the development rights. Engr. Batterjee thanked H.E. Dr. Osama Bin Fadl Al Bar the Mayor of Makkah and all the staff working with the Mayor for their support and encouragement that made this project a reality which will help improve the medical and education services in the region.
Engr. Sobhi Al Batterjee highlighted the active role of the private sector in providing quality medical care to the Saudi population. A largely fragmented healthcare industry creates inefficiency in the system which can be addressed by increased corporate participation and consolidation. Al Batterjee family consider healthcare and healthcare education as their life’s mission and passion, they are focusing all of their energy and resources on it.