Middle East Healthcare co. (MEAHCO) (SGH) invites its shareholders to attend the Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting (first meeting)

Middle East Healthcare Company (Saudi German Hospital) is pleased to invite its shareholders to attend the Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting (first meeting) which will be held by the will of God at 6:30 pm on Wednesday 22/12/1438 H corresponding to 13-09-2017G at conference room , Medical Tower,  the eighth floor of Saudi German Hospital in Jeddah.

The agenda points of the EGM

.Voting on the amendment of Article (17) of the Company's Bylaws-which is related to the Constitution of the Board of Directors. The management of the Company shall be vested in a Board of Directors compromised of seven to nine Directors who shall be appointed in accordance with conditions and requirements herein .
.Voting on the amendment of Article (3) of  the Company's Bylaws-which is related to Objectives of the Company. In addition to objects specified in the Degree, the objects for which  the Company is established for is as follows:
-To establish, manage and organize exhibitions and conferences in order to meet its objectives as specified in the Capital Market Law.

. Voting on the amendment of Article (23) of  the Company's Bylaws-which is related to Board meetings. The Board of Directors must convene at least four times a year instead of two times a year .

. Voting on the election of the incoming Board of Directors for the new session for a period of three years starting from the 17-9-2017 till 16-9-2020

. Voting on the formation of the Audit Committee and determining its responsibilities, framework, and the remunerations of its Members, to complete the current three-year cycle which started on 17-9-2017 . The nominated Members are:

A)    Saleh Ahmed Ali Hefni
B)    Ali Abdul Rahman Abdullah Al-Qweiz.
C)    Walid Abdul Aziz Kial
D)    Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Khaled Al Dahlawi

. Approve the amendments to the Company's Bylaws in accordance with the Companies Law issued by the Ministry of Commerce and Investments.

The meeting of the Extraordinary General Assembly shall be valid only if attended by shareholders representing at least 25 % of the capital. All shareholders have the right to attend the EGM .
For those who may not be able to personally attend, they may provide a Power of Attorney (POA) to a person other than, Members of the Board of Directors or employees of the Company, to attend on their behalf, subject to having the POA attested by the Notary Public, Chamber of Commerce, a local bank, or one of the Authorized Persons. The POA,the commercial register and identification card  must be submitted in the Head Quarter of the Company at least two days prior to the EGM date

Attending shareholders (in person or through POA) should ensure bringing their personal identification cards at least one hour prior to the meeting. The company is pleased to inform its shareholders that they will be able to vote remotely on the above items via e-voting service free of charge through Tadawulaty website at starting from  10-0902017  to 4 PM on 17-09-2017.

For more information or inquiries please contact the Company at the following:
Tele: +966122606000 Ext:6350-6001-6098
Fax: 00966126835874
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Address: Middle East Healthcare Company (MEAHCO) ,4, Batterjee Road  Al-Zahra District, Jeddah, Zip code :23521 , Building Number 3595 , Additional Number 6768 Unit 1 Makkah Region.

Power of Attorney Form

Gentlemen, Respected members of Middle East Healthcare Company (Saudi German Hospital )

I,…………………….., the undersigned ,with national ID ………. Issued on ………. in my [personal] capacity or [an authorised signatory/ chairman/manger............[name of authorising company] and the owner of ………….……………….…. shares of Middle East Healthcare Company (Saudi German Hospital ) with commercial registration number………..and pursuant to article 25  of the company’s bylaws herby authorise………………….. to attend the Extraordinary General Assembly to be held on Wednesday 21-12-1438H, corresponding to 13-09-2017G, at 6:30 pm at Saudi German Hospital's Jeddah Head Office , Conference Room , Medical Tower,  the eighth floor, Jeddah to vote to vote on my behalf on the agenda and to sign on my behalf on all resolutions and documents related to the General Assembly Meeting. This authorisation is valid for this meeting and any subsequent adjourned meeting.

Best regards

Full name of the person signing the POA:

Capacity the person signing the POA:

Signature (if a legal entity):

Date:  /     /  1438 H Corresponding to: /    / 2017G.

Note : all documents related to the agenda of General Assembly are available on the company's profile  on the website of  Saudi stock market (Tadawul). Company number:4009. Sector: Health Care