4th SGH-Medina Rheumatology Conference

4th SGH-Medina Rheumatology Conference

(23th, 24th MRCH 2018 – 6th, 7th RAJAB 1439 H)


DAY 1 ( 23th MRCH 2018 )    (6th RAJAB 1439 H)

14:30 pm - 14:45 pm                 OPENING, HOLY QURAN,

TALK: PR Dr. Osama Mostafa Alfayoumy
Session 1:  Chairmans
 Dr. Osama Mostafa El Faioumy (Consultant &Head of Clinical pathology and Lab S.G.H. Med) /
Pr. Dr.Amr Abu EL-Fotouh (Consultant Gastroenterology S.G.H. Med) / Dr. Ahmed Gaafar  (ER Chief SGH MED)   




14:45 pm - 15:10 pm

Platelets Disorders in Collagen diseases

Dr . Mohammad Abdul Hameed Albloewy    KSA

15:10 pm - 15:35 pm

Transient Constrictive Pericarditis

Pr. Dr. Ashraf  Fawzy  Mahmoud Jaber    KSA

15:35 pm -16:00 pm

Gouty arthritis and Renal Stones.

Dr. Adel Farahat Abdel Aziz       KSA

ASR PRAYING & COFFEE BREAK :16:00 pm - 016: 15 pm

DISCUSSION:  16:15----16:25

Session 2 –Chairman:   Ass.Prof. Dr. Mohamed Reehan (Endocrinology consultant SGH MED) / Dr. Mohamed Beltagy (Chief pharmacist SGH MED) / Pr. Dr Mohammad Waheed Abdel Hameed(Surgery Consultant SGH Med)

16:25 pm -16:50 pm

Ischemic Heart Disease in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Dr. Osama Mohammad Salem Alhadramy KSA

16:50 pm - 17:05 pm

Coetaneous manifestation of Autoimmune CT diseases

Dr.  Mustafa Ahmed Elsaeid     KSA

17:05 pm - 17:30pm

Osteoporosis Crisis

Dr. Osama Haji       KSA

17:30 pm - 17:55 pm

Pediatric Rheumatology Crush Review

Pr. Dr. Nabeel Farid  Badran     KSA

17:55 pm - 18:20 pm

New Concepts of Treatment of Osteoarthritis

Pr. Dr. Gamal Mahmoud Ateya       KSA  





MAGHREB PRAYING & COFFEE BREAK : 18:30pm - 18: 45 pm

Session 3 Chairmans:

Dr. Mohamed Mohey (Consultant&Head of Surgery department S.G.H. Med) / Dr. Amr Abd El Zaher (Consultant&Head of Rheumatology department SGH MED), Prof. Dr. Ashraf fawzy (Consultant &Head of  Cardiothoracic  department SGH.Med)

18:45 pm - 19:10 pm

Biologics in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Pr. Dr. Albadr Hamza  Hussein             KSA

19:10 pm - 19:35 pm

Fertility in SLE     

Dr. Basem Mohamed Talaat                 KSA

19:35 pm - 19:55 pm

Recurrent pregnancy loss

Pr. Dr. Hamed Mohammad Shalaby      KSA




ESHA PRAYING   DINNER              Shields distribution



DAY2 (24th  MARCH 2018)---( 7th  RAJAB 1439 H)

08: 8:15    OPENING CERMONY, HOLY QURAN,    TALK:  CMO:  Dr Mahmoud Asaad , PR Dr Osama Alfayoumy 

 Session 1 Chairmans: Prof. Dr.  Mohamed Salah (Professor of Rheumatology Ain Shams) /
Dr. Osama Mostafa El Faioumy (Consultant &Head of Clinical pathology and Lab S.G.H. Med) /
 Dr Albadr Hamza
(professor of Rheumatology king Fahd hospital)/

08:20 am - 08:45 am

Anti-Phospholipid Syndrome and Pregnancy

Dr. Thoraya Fadul Elahi      KSA

08:45 am - 09:10 am

Malignancy and Rheumatic disorders

Dr.  Ehab Anwar Shaltout    KSA

09:10 am – 09:35 am

Surgical management for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Dr.  Ezzat Hasan Fouly

09:35 am - 10:00 am

Wegener Granulomatous

Pr. Dr. Ahmed Abdelkhalek Elsafty     KSA

10:00 am - 10:25 am

Bone dysfunction in Parathyroid dysfunction

Dr.  Mohammad Kamal Eldeen Reehan      KSA

10:25 am - 10:50 am

Role of MRI in  evaluation of Rheumatic Diseases

Dr.  Haytham Saleh Soliman                    KSA

10:50 am - 11:05 am

Updates in Connective Tissue Diseases

Pr. Dr. Adel Mahmoud Elsayed            EGYPT

DISCUSSION:  11:05----11:15                       COFFEE BREAK : 11:15 am -11: 25 am

Session 2 : Chairmans: Prof. Dr Adel Mahmoud Elsayed  (Professor of Rheumatology Ain Shams University) Pr.Dr Abdelazeim Alhefny(Professor of Rheumatology Ain Shams) Dr Mohammad Albloewy(Pr.Dr. and Hematology consultant Taiba University)

11:25 am - 11:50 am

Cutaneous manifestation of C.T diseases

Dr. Hany Abdel Aziz Abdel Salam KSA

11:50 am - 12:15 am

Biologic Role in SLE, Successes and challenges

Dr.  Roa'a Ahmad Saleem AL-Johani      KSA

12:15am - 12:40 pm

Renal Stones and SLE

Pr. Dr.Abdul Azeez Mohammad Bakhsh    KSA

ZOHR PRAYING & LUNCH BREAK: 12:40 pm -13:00 pm                                 DISCUSSION:  13:00----13:10

Session 3 : Chairmans: Prof. Dr Adel Mahmoud Elsayed    (Professor of Rheumatology& Head of rheumatology department Ain Shams University)/ Ass.Prof. Dr. Ahmed EL-Masry (Chest consultant SGH MED)/ Dr. Mohammad Omar ( Consultant Cardiology S.G.H. Med)

13:10 pm - 13:35 pm 

Perioperative management of Rheumatic Diseases

Pr. Dr. AbdelAzeim Mohammad Alhefny  EGYPT

13:35 pm - 13:50 pm 

Low Back Pain the Myth and the Truth

Dr. Khaled Fathy Elhassanein Badawy KSA

13:50 pm - 14:15 pm

Anesthesia and Rheumatoid Arthritis

Pr. Dr. Waleed Saad Aldeen Taha     KSA

14:15 pm - 14:40 pm

New Classification Criteria for SLE

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Salah Eldin Abdel Baky EGYPT

14:40 pm – 15:05pm                 

Pregnancy and Drugs in Autoimmune diseases

Dr.  Islam Mohammad Magdy Ammar        KSA

15:05 pm – 15:30 pm                 

CPGs, What is it, How it is prepared, and Why?

Pr. Dr. Mohamed Khaled Abu Alela   KSA

DISCUSSION   &  ASR PRAYING         Shields distribution

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